About Us

Tech is getting faster. Student needs are more complex. And teachers are stuck in the middle.
Every year, there's a new app, a piece of tech, or some flashy tool. And students arrive in our in classroom with a variety of needs that need accommodated, from IEP's to English Language Learners and beyond.

It's time to ditch your fears about tech and teaching today's students.

We're Teaching From the Ridge, and we've been there ourselves. It's our mission to equip educators with evidence-based strategies to address this intersection between technology and differentiation... and a whole lot more.

Teaching From the Ridge is a brainchild of Nate & Angie Ridgway, a mother-son educator team based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. We've traveled across the nation since 2018 speaking to educators, principals, technology coaches, and other stakeholders.

If you're looking for a more formal introduction, here you go:

Nate Ridgway is a tech-loving history teacher in Indianapolis, Indiana. He specializes in lesson design and differentiation, and also is licensed in Special Education Mild Interventions. He's taught in both middle school and high school settings, but currently is enjoying teaching World History & Dual Credit U.S. History. He is currently finishing a Masters degree in History at University of Indianapolis.

Angie Ridgway began her career in middle and high school Spanish teaching. She's now working with future secondary teachers and new faculty members at University of Indianapolis. Her passion lies in supporting new teachers' work in the implementation of original pedagogies that strive to meet all students' needs. She holds an M.Ed. and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with areas of emphasis in secondary education and Spanish.

Nate's Awards:
  • Indiana Connected Educator's 2019 Teacher of the Year
  • Flipgrid Student Voice Ambassador
  • 2019 Peary Award Finalist

Angie's Awards:
  • University of Indianapolis 2010, 2014, 2019 Teacher of the Year Finalist
  • IAATSP 2011 Collegiate Teacher of the Year
  • University of Indianapolis 2013 Faculty Achievement Award