Teaching How to Make an Escape Room...With an Escape Room!

If you want to introduce escape rooms to another teacher, what might be the most "hands on" way to do so? With an escape room of course!

Yeah, that's right. An escape room that teaches you how to do an escape room. 

It's kind of like Inception.

Just like any escape room you might do, the rules are the same: players must complete a series of tasks in order to gain passwords, retrieve clues, or gather other information needed to “escape the room”– digitally, in this case. 

As you'll see, I was trying to show teachers who were new to the idea that escape rooms a few specific things. Escape Rooms:
  1. Can be extremely flexible--they can work with any content area & almost any grade level.
  2. Aren't just a game for game's sake--they're still rooted in standards; they just take your content and make it more attractive and engaging.
  3. Can start small. Nobody is expecting multi-million dollar special effects. For the 1st attempt, give them a try for 15 minutes as part of a lesson, with just a couple of puzzles for students to solve.
Now as to actually how the escape room works, I'm going to let myself explain that in this video. I HIGHLY recommend you watch the video (apologies for the length) to see how the clues were set up--some of the puzzles require some work that I can't replicate digitally.

Anyways, here's the link to all of the resources if you'd like to replicate it yourself. Happy escaping!


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