6 Degrees of Connection Makin' (Kevin Bacon)

So lately, I've struggled lately with Ss working on meaningful retrieval & connections. It's really hard to get high school students to understanding that learning isn't the same as retrieval. As I tried explaining to one of my classes the other day, "just because you understand how football works from watching it doesn't mean you have the skill to go pro." That takes a lot of deliberate practice and work.

So I came up with this idea: The 6 Degrees of Connection Makin' (Kevin Bacon).

Here's how it works:

Special thanks to Pooja Agarwal and Patrice Bain for inspiring the idea.



  1. Can you share a student example(s) for the 6 Degrees of Connection Makin' if possible?

    1. Sure-- will do as soon as I get back in the classroom on Monday!


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