Video Ant: A Replacement for

VideoAnt: The Replacement for

A few months ago, the edtech world lost a really powerful app called If you’re unsure of what it was -- or are in mourning for it’s departure-- was a free video annotation app that allowed students to create time-stamped, shareable notes. We loved it so much that we even included in Don’t Ditch That Tech! 

Enter VideoAnt. 

VideoAnt is really unknown -- it’s an app put together by the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development. Their website does a pretty concise break down how it works:
(picture credited to VideoAnt)

What I like about this platform is that it’s not explicitly tied into Google Drive near to the degree that was. (Microsoft people, celebrate!) That being said, just like, there’s always a worry that this app, being tied to a university, might lose funding, lack IT support, etc. That all being said, it seems to be well-designed and I haven’t yet experienced any glitches. 

Why / How You Can Use It:

Ultimately, students’ learning needs to be supported and extended on video platforms, just like any other medium of learning (worksheets, readings, mini-lessons, etc). As I’ve figured out in the short time using it, soon the student discussions, comments, and collaborative ideas that emerge become more valuable than the videos themselves. Give it a try here!

Here’s a few other ideas on how it might be used: 

  • VideoAnt is perfect for flipped classrooms. Don’t know what a flipped classroom is? Check out this blog post here.
  • Pre-add in scaffolded notations for students before they watch a video, similar to EdPuzzle. Then, students can respond to questions such as summaries, predictions, connections, etc.
  • Have students annotate and describe a video as part of an informal assessment. 

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