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Are you a school administrator, PLC leader, or tech-coach looking for meaningful, practical professional development?

We've traveled across the nation since 2018  speaking at conferences like ISTE, writing blogs for OnCUE and tech companies, and publishing podcasts for beginning teachers.

No matter the kind of PD you have in mind, we'll design a powerful experience customized for you and your needs.

Check out some of our different topics below--all of them utilize solid, evidence-based practices and strive to give teachers tangible ways to change the lives of their students.

Keynotes, Workshops, Webinars & More:

Don’t Ditch That Tech: Differentiation in a Digital World
This comprehensive presentation touches on themes found across our premier book, Don’t Ditch That Tech, and is designed to provide a comprehensive, transformative look at how technology can--and can't--fundamentally transform our instruction to meet the needs of diverse groups of students (students with special needs, ELL's, etc). Just like the book, the presentation is differentiated itself and designed to meet the needs of different tech-skilled teachers, coaches, and administrators, and you’ll walk away with new understandings and strategies on how to differentiate your approach to teaching and education.

Don’t Ditch That Tech: For Beginning Teachers
Are you a 1st-year teacher, upper-level undergrad, or in charge of a cohort of young professionals? The early years of teaching are already pretty overwhelming, and working with a diverse set of kids in a room full of devices is a challenge all in its own. This combo presentation/workshop is designed to meet the needs of this special population of educators. They’ll leave feeling much more comfortable with knowing how to implement practical strategies based on frameworks such as UDL, Tomlinson's, and more.

Breaking the Blockbuster Model:
As the world of edtech continues to shift the educational landscape in terms of access to learning, this interactive keynote focuses a deliberate conversation around the traditional ways we’ve thought about teaching, learning, creating, and consuming content in our classroom. Using the metaphors of Movie Theatres, Blockbuster, and finally, the "Netflix" era, it's Nate's meditation on the future of classroom practice and pedagogy. See a blog version of this keynote here.

Podcasting Beyond The Classroom:
This session takes on the popular medium of podcasts and shows how to expand them to connect and empower audiences beyond your classroom's--and even community's--walls.  Podcasts may not be your first-go-to when thinking about how to hit standards and learning objectives, but with some tips and tricks from our own classrooms (and backed up by some solid research), we'll show you how to make it possible. This session covers everything from brainstorming to publishing and how even small recording experiences can change students' learning for the better.

(Don’t) Teach History:
History’s relevance for students is everywhere, but it’s sometimes hard for students to see, or buried behind loads of people, dates, and concepts. What would happen if we tried to make history about the bigger skills and concepts embedded within a curriculum? Could "history" be a vehicle to even more powerful learning about human relationships? Argumentation? Gender roles? This session explores why--and how--educators can and should make it possible.

Other Topics for Workshops, Webinars, etc:

  • Teaching with Metacognition in Mind
  • Adding Authenticity and Realness
  • Creating Personalized Content & Meaningful Learning
  • Cultivating and Captivating Student Attention 

Here's what some of our presentees and readers have said about us:

Don’t Ditch That Tech is a rich resource for understanding ways technology can be a thoughtful tool for reaching the complex range of learners in today’s classrooms. It is grounded, smart, clever, conversational and practical. The book models differentiation for its readers while it commends differentiation for students. It is likely to become a handbook to which teachers return often rather than a one-and-done read.
--Carol Ann Tomlinson, author of The Differentiated Classroom

...Nate and Angelia Ridgway have laid out an easy and successful way to utilize technology in the classroom that puts the emphasis on teaching and learning - and not the device. This is a must have for any teacher or school district trying to implement technology to purposefully impact student learning and growth. This book is full of great examples and ideas and is sure to become the go-to help manual for many teachers. Do yourself a favor and buy this book! You won't be sorry! Warning: be prepared to see smiling faces on students and engaged classrooms when you do!

--Holly Clark, author of The Google Infused Classroom

If you’d like to reach out to Nate or Angie about your needs, please fill out the Google Form below. We look forward to working with you!


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